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The new app that makes retail training more rewarding for beauty advisors like you.

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BeautyFluent puts training at your fingertips so you can learn on the fly.

Scan products to learn more about them
Explore the brands available at your store
Discover product details & demo tips
Get the inside scoop behind your favorite brand

Rewarding You For Your Influence

For too long, training has been yawn. We created BeautyFluent because we think it's time to recognize the major influence that BAs have on brand success. It’s a more fun, more engaging revolution in training where you’re actually rewarded for your power on the sales floor.

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As a brand advocate, you shouldn’t have to buy beauty products with your own hard-earned cash. That’s why we’re hooking you up with all the exciting new beauty you’re dying to try.

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Unlock a rewarding relationship with beauty’s fastest-growing brands and earn your place as a valued brand ambassador.
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Built by beauty insiders who know firsthand what it’s like to work on the sales floor, BeautyFluent was created to celebrate and elevate your influence in the beauty industry.
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Discover What the Hype Is All About

This app will simplify education. It is quick and easy to understand, a resource that is beneficial to have at our finger tips.

Orlando, FL
The app is a game changer with selling in-store because now I have education at the tip of my fingers whenever I need it. I can click on a video to show me how to properly demo a product and the benefits of using it. Now I feel more comfortable selling skincare, and it makes more sense.

Niles, OH
BeautyFluent will give Beauty Advisors the right skills needed on the sales floor to boost sales. With product knowledge and selling tips, Beauty Advisors will now have the ability to cross-sell and recommend brands they once were not comfortable selling.

Allen Park, PA
Having this app is super beneficial, especially for those that are not always scheduled during in-store training. This app will help Beauty Advisors learn about the latest brand launches and how to demo the product in-store. Often we do not know how to properly use certain products and who to recommend it to because we are not trained.

Davenport, FL
The app is incredibly useful, especially for those items that cannot have a tester. For example, the app lets us virtually demo how effective a pimple patch can be and cross sellers to compliment the treatment.

Long Beach, CA
BeautyFluent will eliminate the hurdle of having new employees on the floor who may not feel comfortable recommending a brand they know nothing about. The app allows Beauty Advisors to have knowledge including demo tips for clients and ways to cross-sell.

Compton, CA